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Important information from Pewitt Elementary

Car Pick-up

Car pick-up is permanently moving to the cafeteria for the remainder of the year.  We will be loading at the first crosswalk.  Please make sure to line up the cars at the first crosswalk.  



Attendance is a very important part of students’ learning.  We want each child to be at school everyday if possible.  We do understand that this is the season of flu and colds, but if they are fever free for 24 hours please send them back to school with a note from the doctor or home.



Please have your students at school on time.  The first bell for the morning meeting is at 7:50 and the students are tardy after 8:00.  If a student is tardy more than 3 times a six weeks they are receiving lunch detention.  


Bus Behavior

Please speak to your child about how important good bus behavior is to our riders and drivers.  Bus drivers' primary focus is to deliver your child to and from school safely.  Our students must remain in their seats and be well behaved to help our drivers ensure the safety of all students.


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