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Weekly Agenda


Theme: Five Senses

Monday, September 28th, 2015


Social Studies: Families, homes and communities are alike and different.


Phonological Awareness: Letter Gg


Pre-Writing Strokes: Review push up and around, touch, pull down.


Writing:  Brainstorming, draw your house and dictate to teacher.


Language Vocabulary: Names of rooms in houses and items that go in each room, words that describe building materials and tools.


Nursery Rhyme:  Jack and Jill

Math: Shape: triangle, Color: blue, Graph: horizontal, Counting, Number 4

Science: Materials used to build homes- wood, bricks, stone, mud, leaves or grass. Different homes around the world.

Physical Development: Playdough, Geoboards, Scissors (cutting), bouncing balls in the gym and riding scooters.

Art/Music: Gg song, blue song, Where Is Thumbkin?, Drawing, Painting, Painting blue.

Technology: ipads and Starfall in computer lab.


Character Counts:  Trustworthiness

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