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Weekly Agenda

Theme: How living things grow and change.

February 13, 2017 – February 24, 2017

Social Studies: Child initiates problem-solving strategies and seeks adult help when necessary.

Phonological Awareness: Letter Jj, Hh, Yy

Pre-Writing Strokes: Touch, pull down,  push up and around, slant right and slant left

Language: Vocabulary associated with names animals have when they’re young and as adults. Rhyming, count words in a sentence, and alphabet bingo, beginning and ending sounds

Math: Patterns, counting ten items, more or less, rote counting to 30

Science: Identify and describe the characteristics of different organisms. Child recognizes, observes, and discusses the relationship of organisms to their environments. We will sequence life cycles.

Physical Development: Puzzles, Playdough, Blocks, Bounce balls in the gym, ride tricycles and scooters.

Art/Music: Pink song, fingerpaint with shaving cream adding red tempera paint-pink shaving cream! Mix white and red tempera, making pink heart handprints.

Technology:  Computer lab on Friday (istation). We also use istation on computers in the class as a center. Ipads during the afternoon

Character Counts:  Fairness