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About Pre-K

Dear Parents,


We want to welcome you and your child to Pre-K and give you some information about the coming year.


If you bring your child to school, send them to the cafeteria every morning.  If they are going to eat breakfast, they MUST be here by 7:50 A.M.  The cafeteria stops serving breakfast after that.


If you need to change your child's transportation, we must have a note or you must call the office and let them know.  If the person picking up your child does not have the rear view mirror pick-up tag, they must park and sign your child out in the office.


If you would like for your child to have an afternoon snack, you must send a snack with your child.  However, you may not send Kool-Aid, sodas, candy, etc.


We will be going to the gym every day.  Children are not allowed to take their shoes off in the gym.  Therefore, we suggest they wear tennis shoes.  They are not allowed to wear hard-soled shoes or backless shoes in the gym.  


Please make sure your child has a backpack every day.  We are trying to teach responsibility.  Also, they have a difficult time bringing things home without one.


Please keep extra clothes in your child’s backpack at all times in case of accidents.


Sometimes the cafeteria or a classroom may be fairly chilly so if your child is cold natured you may want to keep a jacket in his/her backpack.


We will be sending a Parent Communication Journal home in your child’s backpack. This is our way of letting you know what your child has been doing in class. Please, send this folder back every day. If you have anything you wish to let us know you can write it in the journal before you send it back.


We will have LINC once a week.  LINC is Language in the Classroom.  The speech teacher, Lynn Lain, will model a project, and then the kids will break up into groups and do the project on their own.  This is to promote language and interaction between the children.  The projects are always edible. 


Please remember that students are not allowed to wear dresses or tops with spaghetti straps. They are also not allowed to wear flip flops or backless shoes.


We are looking forward to the new year.  We think this will be an exciting and fun year.




B. Abston and K. Fry